Malaysia will begin testing 5G on Huawei equipment


Malaysia launches 5G in test mode next month. Tests will be carried out on the basis of Huawei equipment, REGNUM reports.

According to data, among the countries of Asia, Malaysia will launch the fifth generation network one of the first. However, unlike, for example, South Korea or Vietnam, Huawei will become the supplier of equipment for the Malaysian 5G, since in this country cooperation with the Chinese tech giant is not prohibited.

It is expected that by 2025, a fifth of cellular connections in Malaysia will use 5G.

Despite the conflict with the US government and the subsequent refusal to cooperate by many companies, Huawei today remains the industry leader, in particular regarding the introduction of 5G technology in the world. The Chinese manufacturer has signed 50 commercial contracts for the launch of the fifth generation network, beating all major competitors.

Only this year it became known about the participation of Huawei in the implementation and testing of 5G in Thailand, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Hungary, the UK, Monaco, Uzbekistan, as well as in the countries of South and North Africa.

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